Planning Your Bath Remodel with a Curbless Shower

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Planning Your Bath Remodel with a Curbless Shower

Curbless showers, also known as barrier free showers, are bathing areas without any dividers to separate the shower floor from the rest of the bathroom. This creates a seamless design and an accessible shower space. Curbless showers have become an increasingly popular option for individuals planning a bathroom renovation or remodel.  

Where are Curbless Showers Found?

With their rise in popularity, curbless showers are found in residential bathroom spaces, as well as in the hospitality sector, particularly in luxury homes and hotels. This shower design can be added to small and large spaces, and serves a variety of purposes. Oftentimes, individuals who are looking to age in place or add a luxury design element to their home will partner with an interior designer to update their bathroom and will choose a curbless shower installation.  

Why are Curbless Showers so Popular?

Curbless showers are rising in demand for a number of reasons, related to both functionality as well as an elevated design aesthetic. While there are a variety of benefits to installing a curbless shower, three of the top reasons include:  

  • Accessibility - A curbless shower creates more accessibility in the bathroom for those who might have a disability or wish to age in place. Without the barrier of a raised shower curb, there is less of a safety concern with stepping over the edge in order to bathe. For those who are growing vulnerable to accidents in the bathroom, a curbless shower can be an added feature that simplifies their routine.

  • Visual Appeal - Curbless showers have grown in popularity among interior designers due to their visual appeal. This type of shower creates a feeling of luxury and opens up space in a bathroom floor plan. The sense of stylish continuity that a curbless shower creates in a bathroom has sparked more designers to specifying them.  

  • Maintenance- A curbless shower is easier to maintain and clean than a traditional shower design. There is also less opportunity for mildew and dirt to accumulate due to the lack of seams and joints which would surround the shower floor. These crevices can be a breeding ground for germs.  

What Are The Costs For Curbless Showers?

Curbless showers require more materials and labor for installation.  Depending on the level of the existing shower floor, additional work may be needed to ensure an adequate slope to the center drain. Otherwise, water may make its way out of the shower area. Even with a glass door enclosure water can escape. A linear drain may also be an option, however, they are more expensive and are more complicated to install, thereby increasing the costs. The cost of a curbless shower will vary by region but generally can range anywhere from $2,500 to $5,000 for installation.  

Is There A Downside To Curbless Showers?

While there are many benefits to a curbless shower, there are a few downsides to consider. The most common factors that can be regarded as cons to a curbless shower include:  

  • Higher cost
  • Complicated installation

Curbless showers can be a wonderful addition to any home, especially for those who need increased accessibility in the bathroom or those wanting to renovate or remodel their bathroom spaces. There are a number of factors to consider before installing a curbless shower, but their rise in popularity speaks to the benefits they provide. Follow us on Instagram to learn more about the work we do or contact us to seek help with your home improvement project.  

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